General Training Instructor Jobs in UAE at Nawah Energy Company

Title: General Training Instructor

Company: Nawah Energy Company

Location: UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Teaching

Job Description

Nuclear Causal Evaluation background that ranges up to Root Cause Evaluation – is essential for this role.

Develop and deliver instruction on Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) General Training, including carrying out all tasks associated with all phases of the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) process. Provide administrative support for the training and database maintenance to support training.

Training Program Development and Implementation

Deliver general training such as Plant/ Site Access Training, Nuclear Performance Improvement (NPI) training, and Health and Safety trainings to all staff including supplemental workers.

Develop training materials and assessment items/banks to ensure they remain current and meet program needs.

Conduct needs analysis to formulate recommendations for training and non-training solution (such as workshop and awareness session) for all General Training, excluding the High Diploma of Nuclear Technology (HDNT).

Develop and review objectives and examination tools in accordance with the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) to support the design of training material for all the General Training.

Verify all training materials are documented and transmitted to Training Support to align with the process and procedure.

Prepare all training materials including handouts, exams and training facilities to enable delivery of courses.

Administer and invigilate any BNPP General Training course examinations to ensure examination compliance.

Training Program Improvement

Prepare Trainee Feedback Summaries for selected topics to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Conduct Post Training Evaluations to determine if trainees are using the gained knowledge and skills in their job position and how effectively it is being used.

Conduct post-training assessments to identify training program areas needing improvement.

Participate in evaluations and assessments to identify training program improvement opportunities.

Identify, develop paperwork, submit and track procurement requests for BNPP General Training items to ensure compliance.

Training Expertise and Support

Provide support to Subject Matter Experts (SME) Instructors in training material development, maintenance and implementation to ensure training effectiveness.

Provide input for development and maintenance of training schedules to support training implementation.

Provide input for and conduct reviews of eLearning modules under development to ensure training requirements and standards are incorporated.

Provide input on required training facilities, equipment, materials and qualifications to ensure effective training program implementation.

Provide administrative support during the accreditation inspection process of all Nawah programs as required.

Health and Safety and Security

Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure compliance in all aspects of work as per sound management practices. Apply these policies and procedures to self and others to ensure reasonable care of the health and safety of the employee; the environment; and various individuals who may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at work.

Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.

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