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Job Description
Primary Purpose of Job:
The Innovation Office, Digital Technology & Innovation, Digital Technology Developmentâs group has an opportunity for a Full Stack Application Developer. The ideal candidate will possess demonstrated expertise in the execution of technology solutions to fit with client needs and identified outcomes. This position requires the candidate to creatively leverage new and innovative technologies and successfully implement solutions for our external clients and our business. This position will specifically be helping to build a digital twin solution for our Buildings group, to begin with, and is an excellent opportunity to build a reputation for digital twin development expertise but will also provide opportunities to work on a variety of project types. The candidate will be responsible for the delivery of professional services including recommending solutions to complex strategic objectives across our large global team spanning Stantec IT, Business Lines, and the Office of Innovation.

Key Accountabilities:
– Take ownership of the project, work independently in a team environment, and mentor other developers.
– A passion for solving problems and providing workable solutions, flexible to learn new technology to meet the business needs.
– Ability to understand storyboards, wireframes, mockups, and simple prototypes; and develop them into real solutions.
– Proficient in recommending and designing the project framework including system/technical/security architecture.
– Contribute to planning, design, implementation, testing, operations, and process improvement as a member of a Scrum team
– Develop with Agile methodologies in mind: high-quality, scalable, and reusable code
– Stay plugged into emerging technologies and industry trends, and share with the team
– Take responsibility for technical problem solving, creatively meeting product goals, and developing best practices.
– Possess excellent time-management skills, a thorough understanding of task assignments and schedules, and efficient use of time and available resources.
– Ability to work with different business lines teams with the third-party libraries, integrate the software components into a fully functional software system, and troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing systems.
– Expert problem solver with a strong understanding of the broad range of software technologies and architecture design, planning, configuring & managing resources in Microsoft Azure.
– Perform multiple disciplinary research in IT, System Architect, Design, Develop, Deploy, and support complex systems, including networking, systems, servers, end-points, hardware/software, etc.
– Own and operate the systems that you build based on real-time customer data and demanding service-level agreements.

Person Specifications:
– Profound knowledge of development layers, including, Presentation, Business/Logic, Service, and Database layers.
– Experience with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile Development, SCRUM, or Extreme Programming methodologies.
– Proven Experience in MVC, MVVM, and SPA-based web application and microservices architecture.
– Proven Experience in Microservices and Monolith architecture.
– Strong experience with Object-Oriented Languages (OOD).
– Experience with Modern interface patterns, Responsive, rendering technologies Web Design, Single Page Applications design, UI/UX prototype design, backend architecture, and third-party libraries.
– Experience in web technologies C#, ASP.NET, REST APIs, .Net Core, NodeJS, Python.
– Familiarity with CSS preprocessors such as Sass, Less, or Stylus, proficiency in HTML5.
– Experience with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap
– Experience in one or more relevant front-end frameworks ( React, Angular, Ember, Vue.js, Thymeleaf, Typescript. ) Experience with ThreeJs and D3 preferred.
– Experience reading and writing to web-based APIs using JSON or XML objects.
– Working experience of RDBMS & NoSQL databases including SQL Server, Oracle, CosmoDB, etc.
– Working experience of various Azure services including API Management, Storage, functions, etc.
– Proficiency with test frameworks ( Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, Selenium, etc .)
– Proficiency with Identity & Access Management (IAM), Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM), and security authentication technologies (e.g., MSAL, OAuth2.0, JWT)
– Working experience with OWASP security principles , understanding accessibility, and security compliance tools ( e.g., Sonarqube, Zap ).
– Proficiency with version control practices using git, including branching, collaboration, reviewing pull requests, and resolving merge conflicts (GitHub, Azure DevOps, ect).
– Experience with CI/CD tools and pipelines.
– Proficient with Atlassian Suite; Jira and Confluence.
– Working knowledge of SEO principles.
– Experience with WebSockets, SignalR, and other real-time web technologies preferred
– Working experience with Business Intelligences and Data visualization tools including PowerBI, High charts, etc.

Education and Experience
– Bachelorâs degree in Software Development, Engineering, or related industry.
– 5 years of related work experience.
– Additional certifications and accreditation preferred

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