Foresight Senior Specialist Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at SUNDUS RECRUITMENT & OUTSOURCING SERVICES LLC

Title: Foresight Senior Specialist


Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management

Job Description

As Future Foresight Senior Specialist, you will –

+Report to the Director leading the Strategy Success division

+Be supported by two Future Foresight Specialists

+Be part of the Strategy, Planning and Oversight division, along with 2 other Senior Specialists (Strategic Success Measures and Global Knowledge Transfer)

+Lead the development and optimization of multi-year strategies and annual plans at the client sector in general, in cooperation with various stakeholders

+You will support the development of client sector and the clients short and long-term strategies, and ensure overall alignment.You will review planned activities of all client internal divisions to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, and provide relevant feedback. You will facilitate coordination and alignment among clients stakeholders as required, to ensure the development of coherent strategies. You will communicate with initiative teams to update them on deliverables, timelines and expectations. You will help align internal processes, Division objectives, and resource planning linked to the overall strategy.

+You will ensure the implementation of client strategy in a timely manner.You will develop annual plans that include client strategy and budget.You will review client performance and progress towards achieving strategic objectives, and provide appropriate recommendations. You will maintain a comprehensive view of client sector programs, ensure plan feasibility, and report potential risks. You will prioritize initiatives in terms of resource allocation and timelines.

+You will establish KPIs to monitor implementation.You will help in identifying strategy KPIs and ensure results are leveraged in the planning process. You will determine guidelines, models and tools to be used by stakeholders responsible for client sector strategy execution. You will develop and manage a systematic financial follow-up mechanism, and monitor budget compliance across divisions.

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We are seeking a Future Foresight Senior Specialist who will –

+Deliver high-quality outcomes.You are comfortable working under pressure, with deadlines and you pay strong attention to detail. You have solid problem-solving and analytical skills. You have a true passion for results, effectively driving teams towards your mutual goals.

+Engage various stakeholders.You build constructive relationships with a diverse set of stakeholders, including managing a multicultural team. In addition, you work in partnership with other organizations to improve decision-making, policy-making and program delivery, leveraging your strong communication skills.

+Show passion for theclient sector.You are fully committed to improving the well-being and outcomes of Abu Dhabi’s young children and their families.

We value past experience in the following –

+Working instrategy or project management

+Working inmanagement consulting

+Managing multicultural teams– preferably in intergovernmental, international and public organizations

+Working withdifferent strategy and implementation methods(balanced scorecard, OKR etc.)

We are looking for the following educational qualifications (preferred) –

+Bachelor’s degree in business administration (better)or other relevant field

+Fluency in English (written and spoken)