Facility Management Coordinator Jobs in Dubai at BFL Group

Title: Facility Management Coordinator

Company: BFL Group

Location: Dubai

The BFL Group is one of the world’s leading off-price retailer of fashion and homeware. Based in United Arab Emirates, we serve over six markets across the Middle East and Europe.

Our journey started when our unique off-price business model – Brands for Less – was introduced to Lebanon in 1996. Four years later, in the year 2000, we had a home in the UAE.

Our goal is to delight customers and entice them back with the promise of exceptional pieces that excite – all at up to 80% off the original retail price for fashion designer brands. Our unique “Treasure Hunt” model ensures there is always something new to explore, desire and discover within our stores. Our customers walk out with new items every time they visit any of our stores.

As Brands For Less, driven by optimized rapid-purchase strategies, became a phenomenon across the Middle East, we expanded to engage new audiences.

We acquired exclusive rights to the Tchibo franchise in the MENA region, selling the German brand’s homeware and apparel at very competitive prices associated with premium customer care environment. Our UAE presence evolved into our central operational hub from where we distribute rapidly to other markets.

While we are proud of the customer trust, support and loyalty we have achieved, we never take it for granted and are always looking at new ways to delight. We have launched our Toys For Less concept that extends our off-price retail model to toys, kids apparel and party costumes. We have also recently acquired franchise rights for Korean brand MUMUSO that we have taken to Lebanon, Malta and Spain. We have also acquired the franchise rights of the Spanish home concept brand Muy Mucho for UAE, KSA and Malta.

Role Purpose:

Facility Management coordinators is responsible to oversee all activities inside a building, making sure that health and safety standards are met and arranging for repairs when needed. He/ she is reporting to the Group facilities manager and the two of them work together in tracking expenses and coordinating with external vendors.


· Co Ordinate maintenance activities for Warehouse and Showrooms.

· Manage building and equipment maintenance schedules.

· Review and validate the works awarded to Contractors.

· Respond to urgent maintenance calls.

· Prepare for emergencies by creating building evacuation and other action plans.

· Test building security systems and promote safety within the building.

· Manage equipment and supply needs, including furniture, telecommunications, kitchen appliances, office equipment and supplies, and climate control.

· Liaise with vendors and suppliers on behalf of senior managers.

· Report to the Group Facilities Manager on a regular basis.

· Supervise cleaning crews and maintenance workers.

· Document processes and keep maintenance records; as well as, monitor maintenance budget spending.

· Conduct regular checks of rooms and furniture to spot needs for renovation and repairs

· Ensure regular maintenance of internal systems and equipment; It includes proper functioning security cameras, heating systems, alarms, etc.

· Report defects and suggest areas for development to management.

· Develop and monitor the schedules for disinfecting and cleaning the building

· Allocate work schedules to technicians, vendors, or subcontractors.


· 4 years plus of experience in facility management.

· Bachelor’s Degree or Associate de…

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