ERP Analyst/Data Administrator Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at SUNDUS RECRUITMENT & OUTSOURCING SERVICES LLC

Title: ERP Analyst/Data Administrator


Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Software Development, IT/Tech

Position: ERP Analyst (Data Base Administrator)

Job Description

QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS: Capacity planning for hardware and software in the configuration and implementation Installation/Upgrading and Cloning. Advised management on long-term strategy, planning, and implementation of new releases of Oracle and related System Software Estimating Database growth (Database Size Management), Estimating File System Growth (Physical Space Management), Estimating OS requirement to handle all Application components Knowledge of Application Modules Set-up and Implementation, complete Knowledge of system Admin Modules (FND, AD, APPLSYS, ICX..etc.) Installation/Upgrading and Cloning: Installing Oracle Application in multi-node architecture Building Multiple Test Instance using Oracle Application Cloning Process and Cloning Oracle application/Database Up-grading Oracle Application and Database to latest patch level using Maintenance Patch Installing 3rd party tools (Back-up Software, Monitor Software, Version Control Software and more) Installing Developer 6i, Workflow Builder and other Development tools on Developer machines. Maintaining Custom Interface to migrate Data in Oracle Application from other system Backups and Disaster Recovery: Implementing Comprehensive Backup/Restore mechanism and data replication, implemented Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) using oracle Failsafe/RAC (Real Application Cluster) and Disaster Recovery (DR) using Standby DB mechanism, Configuration of Recovery Manager (RMAN) for Online Backup Security: Maintaining security system on Application level, Database level as well as Operating system Level, Implemented user and network security and auditing in Oracle Application. Optimization/Performance Tuning: Performance tuning & monitoring of the Oracle Application, Database and Unix kernel parameters, Database Space Management and Pinning Objects analyzing Schema, Optimizing Table and Index Partitioning, Troubleshooting Oracle Application Performance/Tuning Issues. SQL/Unix Shell Scripting: Shell scripts for automatic startup and shutdown of Databases as well as automated backups, session waits and locks and snapshot refreshes and load multiple data files. Automated daily Database, Application, and System health monitor with some kind of notification Regular Maintenance Activities: Performing DBA activities such as Security Management, Space Management, User and Responsibility set-up, Performance Tuning & Monitoring, Concurrent Manager Monitor, defining printers, and setup Oracle Alerts/Auditing Managing Oracle Applications Security, User and Data Auditing Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports, Maintaining User, System and Custom Profiles Troubleshoot with Oracle Applications Tech Stack including Up-gradation/configuration of HTTP Server (Apache), Jserver, Developer 6i (Forms server and Reports Server), Concurrent Manager, Jinitiator, OA Framework, JDK, XML, and JRE. Set-up Oracle Application Support Diagnostic Test Utility for AOL. Used Time Saving Techniques for Applications Patching, Activities include backup, SGA tuning, SQL tuning, Apps patches, and database refreshes Periodically refreshed Oracle databases and Applications, for business reasons Applying and Reviewing oracle application Patches Knowledge of Application Debugging and Tracing, Assist/support the development and end user team (PL/SQL Tuning) Work closely with Oracle Support/Development Team (AOL, ASCP, and OM), Responsible for 24/7 Production/Testing Instances …