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Title: Engineer

Company: All Profiles

Location: UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Management, Oil & Gas Industry

Title: Contract Engineer


Job Offer Number: 12372

Employer: All Profiles

Client Reference:

Country: United Arab Emirates

Project Name: …

Role: …

Location: I

Duration: 7 Months

Rotation: 90-10

Rest for Week: 0

Sector: Oil and Gas

Contract type: Other

Contract Starting Date: 23-JUL-20

Data posted: 23-DEC-20

Number of required person: 1

Sector: Oil&gas

Country: UAE

Rotation Type: 90/10

Brief Role Description: Manages, provides advice on and administers all activities concerned with contracts for works and services associated with oil and gas facilities projects carried out under various contract forms and modes of reimbursement.

Requirements: – Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Minimum 10 years total post graduation experience.

– Extensive knowledge of Contractual Terms & Conditions and Commercial Contract Law;

– Excellent understanding & extensive experience of the procurement and contract administration processes and principles from preparation and issue of Bidders Lists, Contracting Plans and bid invitation package preparation through to award, administration and close out of Contracts;

– Fluent in English Language spoken and written.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Job Holder must perform the following tasks:

– Responsible for pre award activities including bid invitation preparation, processing queries from bidders, preparation of bid evaluation programmes, evaluation of bids, negotiation, contract preparation and award formalities;

– Responsible for post award activities including conducting kick off meetings, coordinating all contract submittals and correspondence, preparation and processing of variation orders, claims and close out;

– Manages the drafting of Invitation to Tender packages for contracts for large O&G facilities projects. Review and, if necessary, proposes comments on and propose alternative text/clauses to client contract conditions;

– Reviews issues with legal, risk management, tax, and accounting personnel as a condition precedent to submitting to management for approval;

– Functions as a part of a negotiating team consisting of project management staff, to establish the terms and conditions of a contract;

– Monitors and ensures the business provisions of assigned contracts are administered to ensure compliance with contractual terms and conditions. Keeps the Projects Contracts Manager advised as to the scope, financial, and risk features of applicable contracts;

– Ensures documentation to negotiate change orders are properly produced and maintained;

– Prepares letters to clients requesting approvals and interpretations necessary to comply with the provisions of the contract;

– Ensure project/facility acceptance documents are prepared and are followed through and that acceptances are signed by the client;

– Furnishes business and financial information requested by the client concerning the project, as delegated by the Project Manager;

– Identifies contractual problems and take appropriate action to ensure a satisfactory resolution. Follows up on those problems which demand management attention, to ensure timely response to the client; and

– Management of Contract Quality standards.


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