Digital Marketing & BD Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at Huawei

Title: Digital Marketing & BD

Company: Huawei

Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Marketing/PR



Digital Marketing &BD Job



Responsible for digital marketing of MEA e-commerce, improve usertraffic, accuracy and ROI. 2. Achieve trafficgrowth goals for online shop and e-commerce platform by variouspromotion channels and methods (including not limited to searchengines, social media, application markets, information flow,etc.). Analyze traffic data, continuously propose optimizationplans and track operational results, and improve ROI.
3. Manage SEM / SEO of online shop and HUAWEI community,make traffic plans, monitor the scale of traffic and optimizeit. 4. Responsible for the expansion andmanagement of overseas e-commerce traffic channels. Help to exposemarketing activities through cross-industry cooperation, resourcereplacement and other BDs, coordinating with MKT team.
5. Develop traffic analysis reports based on big datainsights.
Jobrequirements: 1. More than 1 year of relevantexperience in digital marketing, traffic operations, user growth inthe Internet, e-commerce field. 2. Familiar with

SEM, SEO, information flow, social media and other promotion andoptimization methods; proficient in using SEMrush, GA / admin andother tools. 3. Familiar with various promotionchannels of e-commerce and their business cooperationmodes. 4. Strong data analysis ability, quickthinking and clear logic, cross-department cooperation and teamcollaboration ability, strong self-driving force.
5. English can be used as working language.  7. Language Fluency:



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