Die Cutting Operator Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Majan Printing & Packaging

Title: Die Cutting Operator

Company: Majan Printing & Packaging

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Manufacturing, Production

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
MAIN JOB TASKS ANDRESPONSIBILITIES  Canoperate any of the following machines  Vision

Cut Bobst speria 104, 106, 102

Expert Cut Expert FoilNova Cut Optima  Monitors the quantity and qualityof the material input and output for smooth workflow.

Discuss with the previous shift operator about the jobson machine. Takes over the charge from theprevious shift operator Arrange the job fordie cutting according to priority plan. In thecase of continuous jobs, note down the effects to be rectified inhis shift. Takes approval from the Production

Manager / Supervisor for the new job set on the machine.

Responsible for effective utilization of availableresources (e.i. Equipment, material etc.)Prepare the Die cutting report for the jobs run in theshift. To make sure that I.S.O proceduresconcerning to your section is duly followed by the concernedperson. Ensures that daily production targetsare achieved in relation to the company standards asfollows:
Inform the supervisor about thepreventive maintenance of the machine to keep up machinecondition. Make sure that machine has beencleaned and ready for the next shift. As well as keeping the workstation clean and tidy every after completion of eachwork. Ensures that tools were properly storedand arranged every after use letion of eachwork. Inform the Production Manager /supervisor about timely updating, modification or replacement ofmachinery & equipment.

Takes fullresponsibility on company guidelines relative to proper wearing ofuniform, , shoes, proper grooming (long hair not allowed) and all other related internal policies of the company.

Ensures to cooperate in the event that overtime duty isrequired. Shall work on Fridays / Holidays if required.

Ensures that proper notification shall be given toimmediate supervisors before the absent date.

Performs work specifications instructed by immediatesupervisors. Be able to work on shifts andlikewise, required to follow scheduled duty timings prescribed bythe immediate supervisors, conscientiously. Beable to adjust and comprehend with additional tasks given bysuperiors other than the required work responsibilities. EDUCATION ANDEXPERIENCE  Tradecertificate related to printing valent. (ifany) At least 3 years relevant experience inhandling die-cutting machine. Can operate anyof the following machines  Vision

Cut Bobst speria 104, 106, 102

Expert Cut Expert FoilNova Cut Optima


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