Department Manager Product Quality Control & Laboratory Jobs in Abu Dhabi at ADNOC Group

Title: Department Manager Product Quality Control & Laboratory

Company: ADNOC Group

Location: Abu Dhabi


Plan and manage all quality assurance/controls and laboratory operations for all production and distribution processes within ADNOC Distribution whilst creating a quality driven culture and resolving the overall Quality Control (QC) activities including the QC policy and procedures setting, QC implementation of the raw materials and finished products, QC lab procedures implementation, ensuring alignment to the overall quality vision and business objectives of ADNOC Distribution whilst driving process optimization and improvement of production facilities and processes to achieve overall quality enhancement and production excellence.


Job Specific Accountabilities

Ensure and monitor the testing and reporting process of samples from Al Ghuwaifat Border and provide inputs and remarks to the Custom Department regarding the product conformity to enable them in deciding on the type of action to be taken in case of spurious products.

QC Monitoring & Measurement

Interpret and develop procedures, work instructions based on the various QC manuals and standards and assign responsibilities and train senior chemists/Officer in order to ensure correct implementation of the QC processes.

Ensure consistency of product quality and adherence to approved standards through regular testing programs and optimization and improvement of production facilities and processes, in line with the overall business strategies and plans.

Drive and manage the overall QC monitoring and measurement by initiating and facilitating monthly QC reviews to assess ADNOC Distribution’s QC performance and provide analysis or solution to mitigate and eliminate potential quality issues to occur in the future.

Manage and guide the analysis on portfolio of QC related issues and communicate the analysis report to concerned departments in order for the improvements to be done at the plant and other related processes to support continuous improvement.

Lead and manage the overall issue management and improvement initiatives by performing root cause analysis, define and develop improvement implementation plans in order to enhance the standards and effectiveness of quality assurance processes and product quality.

Monitor implementation and effectiveness of the process improvements to ensure that the benefits or any bottlenecks can be identified for QC’s continuous improvements and learning.

Guide the overall QC implementation of finished products and raw materials to ensure all works are done in accordance to the defined quality standards, testing methods and procedures.

Direct and guide the implementation of in-process inspection of production plants and LPG plants in order to ensure and maintain product quality and to support the production adjustments in the production and process parameters.

Verify and approve all sample templates (e.g. formulations, components, testing parameters, testing methods, measuring unit, measure, sample plans, reports, specifications and log-in scheduling) as to ensure that all templates are continuously updated and easy to be retrieved.

Verify and approve test result, test reports and product classification and release product for delivery as per the classification in order to support smooth and quality production process.

Monitor the QC activities at the branch laboratory (Ghuwaifat Border) and ensure its adherence to the defined policy and procedures as well as meeting the requirements agreed upon in the agreeme…

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