Data Science Immersive Instructor Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Adecco Middle East

Title: Data Science Immersive Instructor

Company: Adecco Middle East

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Teaching

If you are looking to make a life-changingimpact by doing what you know and love, this is the position foryou. Through this unparalleled opportunity, you will:
• Deepen your own skills by guiding students through arigorous journey where they begin as driven novices and leave asempowered data analysts and scientists
• Contribute your own expertise to a deep and broad global curriculummaintained by a team of talented data science instructors acrossmultiple industries
• Facilitate a supportiveand energetic community that lasts well beyond the course
• Hone your own leadership skills by working with aninstructional team and classroom community As amember of the instructional team, you will not only impact thecareers of your own students, but you’ll also have aunique opportunity to shape the potential of students on a globalscale through contributions to our global curriculum.

Skills and Qualifications

• MustHaves:
• You have at least 6 months ofprofessional data science experience.
• Youare an expert in SQL, Python, and related Python libraries (pandas,numpy).
• You have domain expertise instatistics, mathematics, and probability.
• You can build and apply statistical models in python using machinelearning libraries, such as scikit-learn and statsmodels.
• You have a deep understanding of statisticalhypothesis testing and experimental design, data visualizationtechniques and tools (i.e. matplotlib, bokeh, etc), andmanipulation of large data sets.
• You candemonstrate and explain the function of machine learning algorithmssuch as regularized regression, naive bayes, decision trees,ensemble methods, KNN, K-means clustering, and neuralnetworks.
• You are the person your colleaguesnaturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure somethingout.
• You are eager to shape the skills,minds, and trajectories of the newest generation of datascientists.
• Nice to haves:
• You have proficiency with NLP python libraries such asNLTK;
Hadoop or Apache Spark; D3.js or R.
• You are on top of industry trends in big data, machine learning,deep learning, and AI.
• You have previousdata science or engineering teaching experience, through a course,workshop, team training, etc.


• Plan and implement a 12-weekcurriculum in conjunction with baseline materials and your localinstructional team.
• Deliver instruction 5days a week, including teaching, advising, and contentdevelopment.
• Work closely with yourinstructional team to provide students with meaningful and promptfeedback on their progress.
• Collaboratealongside GA staff in order to best meet the needs and learningstyles of your students.
• Guide studentsthrough the development of real world projects that will showcasetheir abilities to hiring managers.
• Facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroomcommunity.


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