Data Integration Specialist/Architect Jobs in Dubai – UAE at KPMG International

Title: Data Integration Specialist/Architect

Company: KPMG International

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Software Development, IT/Tech

Data Integration Specialist is responsible for designing integration architectures, including development, runtime, operations, message and event-driven architectures. Integrations Specialist collaborates with technology brokers and external providers to understand new cloud services and integration technologies and their implications for the organization. The role partners with technical teams and senior architects to analyze technical and non-technical requirements to eventually build cloud-based solutions.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Integration Specialist is responsible for integrating new cloud services application and infrastructure into KPMG’s portfolio of internal systems and existing cloud services including, but not limited to Oracle Fusion SaaS, Oracle Fusion PaaS, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and other, satellite applications.

Integration Specialist will analyze all business requirements and maintain the architecture of business systems and documents, while also working with end-users to optimize integration and user-experience

Orchestrate and improve efficiency of data flow performance for master data management

Define and implement data security and roles within data integration routines

Design integration programs and prepare functional and technical specification documents for integration platforms

Ensure improvement of all architectural processes within time frame and provide training to internal development team to maintain project deliverables and reduce costs

Maintain an efficient technical environment for all client services and document all architectural plans and provide support to all business and assemble all system components

Collaborates with enterprise architects and information architects to ensure cloud services align to roadmaps and understand the effect on the organization’s information architecture

Liases with external providers to resolve any issues in the functionality and interoperability of new cloud applications, cloud-based infrastructure, and other cloud services with existing IT systems

Maintain oversight for all third-party processes and implementation consultants and ensure appropriate allocation of all resources


Team management

While note a direct people manager, he manages the work output of the project team and provides feedback on individual performance for evaluation to his supervisor. Communicates openly goals and objectives as cascaded down by the leadership team and recommends training to ensure IT team members are skilled to perform their duties.


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