Counseling Outreach Officer – Affairs Deanship Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Counseling Outreach Officer – Affairs Deanship

Company: Zayed University

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Social Work, Education

Position: Counseling Outreach Officer – Student Affairs Deanship

Job Description and Requirements

The Responsibilities

Works in close coordination with the staff and Counselors at the Center to identify gaps in university community’s awareness regarding the services offered by the Center.

Establishes and maintains strong and positive relationships with targeted members and offices within the university community to facilitate their support and partnership with the Student Counseling Center.

Co-ordinates the representation of the Student Counseling Center at University events such as New Student Orientation week, Faculty orientation, Cultural programs/National day celebrations, Conferences etc., as well as organizing mental health awareness programs and events, such as World Mental Health day, Depression day, etc.

Plans and executes major university events, such as World Health Day, World Mental Health Day, etc. which involves working with multiple internal and external partners.

Liaises with the faculty and targeted student community (e.g., student clubs and associations, peer support programs, etc.) to increase students’ awareness and use of services offered by the Center.

Designs, organizes, plans and implements outreach activities and programs to promote the Center among students.

Consults with the staff at the Center to identify and prioritize outreach programs to overcome lack of awareness and stigma associated with mental health issues and availing counseling services.

Conducts meetings and presentations with targeted student populations to help facilitate students’ understanding and awareness of preventative, and proactive mental health support services offered by the Center.

Develops and conducts psycho-educational programs as well as develops flyers, brochures, newsletter, for our use, as well as for our website and social media.

Plans and supports in implementing regular outreach programs and activities such as Depression awareness week, Mental-health day, etc. to support the wellness mission of the Center.

Develops, updates and maintains a database on the Center’s outreach efforts using information such as outreach program requests, student inquiries, offices/individuals contacted, feedback and reports on outreach events, programs, projects etc.

Maintains a budget and financial report on expenditure related to outreach efforts

Identifies resourceful graduate and undergraduate students and organize their participation in outreach programs and activities.

Participates and contributes to the research efforts initiated at the Center (e.g., Needs assessment, satisfaction surveys, happiness surveys, program evaluation, etc.) as and when required.

Regularly reviews outreach activities and update information disseminated through presentations, brochures, social media, pamphlets etc.

Manages and supervises Student workers.

Health Accommodations

Responsible for all Health Accommodation cases (Health & Wellness services are under SCC), on campus, and will be responsible for students who need accommodations/accessibility arrangements made due to their Health condition.

Works with Health Clinic doctors, on campus, to decide regarding the Health condition and what would be appropriate accommodations.

Managing students’ physical health issues and the accommodations that will be appropriate.

Liaising with Professors and Colleges, on campus, to explain to them the required Health accommodation arrang…


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