CONTRACT MANAGER Jobs in Eastern at Saipem


Company: Saipem

Location: Eastern

Role Description

▪ During the contract execution phase, analyse and manage the contract terms, exploring contractual solutions and

alternatives in order to minimize risks and optimize opportunities

▪ During the commercial phase, negotiate the bid terms and identify areas of possible risks and opportunities related to

contract clauses. Explore contractual solutions and alternatives to minimize risks and optimize opportunities during the

contract negotiation in the commercial phase.


·Manage and coordinate contract management. activities ensuring that all aspects of the contract during the negotiation and execution phase are correctly addressed

▪ Ensure that Golden Rules/Silver Guidelines are implemented

▪ Manage the resources involved in contract management. activities, develop relevant professional competences and identify project staffing needs

▪ Supervise application of Saipem guidelines/standards relevant to contract management.

▪ Provide necessary reports regarding contract management matter to the corporate/company/project management

▪ Ensure collection and sharing of lessons learned, feed backs and returns of experience on issues/criticalities encountered during contract management activities

▪ Ensure, for the area of its remit, application of the industrial risk management methodology

▪ Review regulatory requirements

▪ Review, update and complete partner agreements according to contract/project development

▪ Coordinate contractual documentation filling

▪ Ensure contribution to the Legal function for the management. of preliminary activities of litigations

Commercial phase:

▪ Draft all contractual/negotiation documents and define the most appropriate clauses of the contract with clients, partners

(incl. in Cooperation, Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements) and with subcontractors/vendors for the provision of goods,

services and works

▪ Identify most appropriate contractual solutions and contribute to definition of optimal risk profile for the Company, ensuring

that defined risk profile is adequately reflected in the relevant contract/cooperation documents

▪ Provide legal and contractual advices for the negotiation of loans on the markets, bank sureties, active and passive guarantees, parent company guarantees and indemnity letters

▪ Participate in bids presentation and commercial negotiation

Execution phase:

Recover bid contractual summary, any legal analyses and other support documentation prepared during tender phase

▪ Verify the completeness of contract documents (consistency check), supervise their distribution to project team members

and regularly execute contract induction meetings

▪ Assist the Project Manager in developing the contract management. execution strategy and ensure change process on the project, including appropriate claim management actions

▪ Ensure that all project specific contracts for goods, services or subcontracts are drafted incorporating contractual obligations and assisting the Project Manager in identifying critical packages (subcontractors and vendors) requiring special monitoring of contract risks

▪ Participate in the periodical project budget review meetings


bachelor’s degree in Legal or Engineering with variance experience of (at least 8-10 years) of total experience in, contracts management

Proven skills in drafting commercial transactions, including commercial contracts and service agreements.

Strong understanding of Third Party Inspection, Testing and Certification Industry.


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