Consultant Microbiologist Job in Al Malqa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Confidential Company


1.      Administration

  1. Responsible for the appointment of staff to the microbiology lab and infection prevention and control personnel
  2. Participate in management or representative structures as are in place or being developed.
  3. Administrative duties on hospital committees where appropriate

2. Antimicrobial Stewardship

  1. To ensure the best clinical outcome, for treatment or prevention of infection.
  2. To minimize unintended consequences of antimicrobial use including

•      Adverse drug reactions

•      Selection of pathogenic organisms.

•      Emergence of antimicrobial resistance

  1. To minimize healthcare costs without compromising quality of care

3. Laboratory

  1. Supervision of laboratory daily rounds, review of diagnostic methods, processing of specimens, authorization and interpretation and communication of results.
  2. Participate in laboratory accreditation process.  
  3. The laboratory should be fully accredited by a recognized national scheme for clinical microbiology and should participate in external quality assurance.
  4. The laboratory should provide accurate and timely results to the clients with an agreed system for notifying urgent and important results.
  5. The technical staff in the laboratory should have sufficient expertise and knowledge to deal with the complex microbiology of infections. There should be a framework for recording and investigating errors and other incidents, with evidence of how the lessons learned are used to inform a program of service improvement.
  6. The service should be regularly audited.
  7. Day to day supervision of diagnostic methods, examination of specimens, authorization and interpretation of results and communication with relevant clinicians were appropriate.
  8. Provision of an on-call service in microbiology
  9. Support departmental audits

4. Infection prevention and control 

  1. To act as an active member of the Infection Control Committee.
  2. Participation in the provision of the infection prevention and control program.
  3. Assist with the preparation of and advice on the implementation of infection prevention and control and antibiotic guidelines and policies
  4. Participate in the risk management program.
  5. Advice on and assist with the implementation of compliance with national infection prevention and control standards.
  6. Participate in the development and implementation of an antibiotic stewardship program.
  7. Participate in infection prevention and control surveillance and audit

6. Education/Research 

a.       Participate, facilitate or direct research projects

b.      Participate in the education and training of laboratory staff in microbiology


Work is performed primarily indoors but at times may attend meetings/seminars outside the facility or may participate in evaluation of Patients and review of Clinical Staff in the Home Setting. Work environment is well lighted, clean and suitable to tasks performed by the employee. At risk factor pertains to Category I exposure to blood, body tissue, fluids, with occasional exposure to hazardous materials and bodily injury/illness. Seldom are there exposures to toxins. Will maintain spill kit and CPR mask apparatus at all times when in patient home.


The Physician will be expected to operate and maintain Laboratory different machines, computer/s, AED, scanner, fax machine, HHIS & Telephone.  *This list is not all inclusive


1.    Able to walk and stand constantly, frequently climb stairs, squat; kneel, twist, sit, bend and reach from floor to overhead.

2.    Able to frequently push and pull objects weighing 50 lbs. Must be able to push occupied wheelchairs.

3.    Able to frequently lift and move objects weighing 50 lbs., and occasionally lift and move objects weighing more than 100 lbs. This includes the occasional positioning and moving of Patients from all positions. In emergency situations, must be able to bear Patients weight and move Patient to safety.

4.    Must have sufficient vision and color discrimination to observe Patients conditions, read POC, care plans, charts and other documents, read, instructions, and labels, thermometers, etc.

5.    Must have adequate hearing to receive verbal instructions, answer phone calls, respond to emergency signals/alarms and communicate effectively with Patients, families, ADEED staff and others. 

6.    Able to perform tasks which require finger, hand, arm dexterity/mobility and hand-eye coordination to safely provide personal cares, treatments, medications; able to perform difficult manipulative skills such as equipment calibration, etc.

7.    Able to speak clearly to report Patient conditions and communicate effectively with Patients and others.

8.    Must have the cognitive ability to constantly understand theories behind several related concepts; comprehend, remember and follow multiple instructions/directions given to self and others, frequently amidst noise and constant interruption, while concentrating on fine detail and tasks for more than 60 minutes at a time.

9.    Must have the emotional stability to deal effectively with stress created by Patients’ illnesses, disabilities and the aging process, organizational change, and working cooperatively in a leadership role with the health care team.

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