Construction Piping Engineer Jobs in Duba at Air Products

Title: Construction Piping Engineer

Company: Air Products

Location: Duba

Job Description and Qualifications


This position is responsible for the following end results:

Responsible for delivering a completed project construction safely, with good quality, on schedule and within budget under the leadership of Construction Manager/Senior Manager of HIDC.
Organize and oversee and coordinate Contractor’s daily activities during construction and/or commission/start-up phase, Managing and coordinating specific disciplines for Contractor, such as Excavation, Concrete, Heavy Lifting, Pipe/Steel Erection, Electrical, Instrument, Painting, Insulation, Material Receiving, Scaffolding, Pressure Testing, etc.,
Conduct site daily supervision work; Ensure all work procedures and instructions be implemented with high compliance rate; Make sure site management systems (Safety, QA/QC, Schedule and Cost Control) work well. Escalate critical issues to Construction manager in time, make sure that all field construction and commissioning activities are performed in accordance with the provisions of the Contract and is built as per the Project drawings, specification, and procedure.
Draft and release construction weekly report timely and appropriately in his work scope. ensure construction submittal on time of all necessary reports to the relative department (Project, Construction, QAQC, HSE, Procurement, Design etc.), these submittals such as SDQ, RFI, SI, MOC, NCR ODS etc., Outstanding issues shall be identified such as schedule delay, potential claims, permitting issues. Mitigation plan shall be placed in a timely fashion. Closely monitor the improvement progress.
Establish and maintain effective communications & coordination among various discipline construction, immediately stop any unsafety or unqualified quality work practices which are likely result in an incident or are non-compliant with project safety/quality requirement as well as national regulations
As required in the contract, ensure that Contractor inspection and verification activities are completed. Ensure that status is completed and documented appropriately by the Contractor
Support Construction Manager/Senior Managers organize daily and weekly meeting with AP supervision staffs and Contractor management team.
Check and review Contractor’s time sheet and progress payment as well as field change request as per Construction Manager’s required; check and review all Contractor technical documents submittal such as Work Method Statement, Construction Plan, QAQC Plan, RFI (Request for inspection) etc, Check and review Safety Work Permit and JSA and RAMS
Finish site JSA/APT/BSP performance input, Support quality manager conduct Quality Audit, share the audit results with the Contractor to continuous improvement of their performance. Report to Construction manager/senior manager of HIDC any potential safety/quality hazards and unsafe conditions
Monitor the work of Contractor and make sure the material supply meeting the Contract requirement, Ensure that the Contractor makes arrangements for receipt, inventory, storage, maintenance and safe handling of materials and equipment purchased by Air Products that are delivered directly to the job site
Check and review schedules and manning levels with the Contractors and review update progress during the weekly meetings.
Report to Construction Manager problem such as labor shortages, strikes, equipment delivery slippages, availability of contract documents and drawings, etc., which threaten to adversely affect job cost, schedule, quality, or safety.
Ensure that the Contractors make arrangements for non-destructive examination (NDE) of all systems and maintains a log as indicated in the Construction Quality Audits, technical specifications or project quality plan.
Monitor and ensure the Contractors use latest version of IFC drawing for construction execution, Supervisors are responsible to maintain a complete and up-to-date set of construction drawings to guide Construction activities, ensure Contractor has up-to-date quality control documents. Support document controller to make sure that all documents, memos, correspondence, etc. indicate the project number and identification.
Field progress photographs and piping/equipment oxygen cleaning photographs are to be taken by discipline supervisors throughout the course of construction and neatly compiled and arranged. Post the photographs on the designated share site for viewing by project team members.
Evaluate Contractor’s performance at construction completion.
Support Construction Manager organize construction lessons learning meeting as per project plan. Share the lessons with whole department for better improvement.

Req No.


Employment Status

Fixed Term (agency) – Full Time


Global Engrg Mfg Technology & Equipment

Business Sector / Division

Global Project Execution


Middle East, Egypt, Turkey (MEET)


Saudi Arabia

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