Compliance Manager Jobs in Jeddah at Jamjoom pharma

Title: Compliance Manager

Company: Jamjoom pharma

Location: Jeddah

Jamjoom Pharma has in a very short span of time emerged, as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Afrasia region. The geographical focus of the company is on countries in the Middle East, Africa, and CIS regions. Strategic focus on selected therapeutic categories has contributed to the rapid growth, market acceptance, and overall success of the company.

Role Summary:
As a Compliance Manager, you will be responsible for providing management and day to day support to the Company’s overall Compliance activities across all business units and functions ensuring that risks and controls from project inception to support within their business unit are identified, prioritized, effectively managed, and monitored. Additionally, this role should work within the business unit to ensure Company follows the required internal and external compliance standards and delivers a reduction in the overall risk profile.


Compliance (including Operations, Regulatory and Policy Framework).
Corporate Governance Compliance.
Support Risk Management.
Management Monitoring.
Compliance Policy/SOPs Formation, lunch, and monitoring.
Compliance Maintenance to Pharmaceutical Laws across the countries where the Company operates.
Contribute to maintenance of the Business Unit delivery and operational frameworks (Activities, deliverables, roles and responsibilities) and ensure alignment to country regulations.
Ensure Company activities align with SFDA (and equivalent outside Saudi) Regulatory requirements and liaise with commercial/marketing to ensure proper implementation of the regulations.
Contribute to ensuring the Company is keeping up to date with regulatory and legal requirements through a pro-active knowledge management program in alignment with legal function.
Ensure the Company and all its BU and functions adhere to its Bylaws, charters. Policies and authority levels.
Support tracking and managing all CAPAs across BU, department and functions and escalate to top management and audit committee any significant gaps and findings.
Evaluating the efficiency of internal control and improve them continuously.
Ensure that the Company complies and adheres to all required regulatory filling and keeps up-to-date corporate registry and official documents.
Ensuring that policies and SOPs are in place to ensure proper management and tracking of regulatory filling and disclosures including capital market authority requirements.
Contribute to identification and initiation of Risk mitigation projects to address significant risks impacting the Company
Facilitate risk identification and risk discussions within BU, both operational risk, regulatory and strategic risk
Assist the Management to make risk informed decisions through a comprehensive Risk Dashboard
Raise and approve (where necessary) Policy Exceptions and significant Risks
Input into, review and enforce compliance within Policies and Standards as required within Business Unit
Ensure emerging risks are identified and escalated appropriately and in a timely manner
Perform GRC requirements within third party framework
Ensure awareness of process and report suspected breach
Provide training and education program to ensure ongoing awareness on new and updated Policies and Standards within the Company
Contribute to ensuring Business Unit is ready to host external inspections from regulatory bodies
Support management of overall Business Unit inspection readiness activities and CAPAs in liaison with the business
Report status on CAPA’s to Business Unit RMCB
Create, review, and approve policy, standards, procedures, guidance and training for compliance with relevant legislation and SOP Requirements.
Support reviews of the commercial and marketing activities to make sure it complies with legislation and specifies any required changes within their Business Unit.
Providing accurate pharmaceutical information about the company’s products traded in the Kingdom to beneficiaries and workers in the fields of health and oversight in accordance with the scientific foundations of the practice of pharmacy.
Ensure the accuracy of the information used in the marketing of the company’s registered products and their conformity with the written information approved by the Authority.
Ensure that the company represented by the Office adheres to the Saudi Code of Ethics in the Practice of Pharmaceutical Marketing.
Implementation of regulations and instructions issued by the Authority.
Support scientific activities in the fields related to the company’s products traded in the Kingdom, participate in the activities of scientific associations and contribute to continuing education programs.
Contributing to scientific studies and research in cooperation with specialized scientific centers in accordance with the rules and ethics of scientific research
Training the company’s employees and pharmacy colleges students to learn about the tasks of the scientific office.
Follow-up on the registration of the company’s products in the Kingdom.
Contribute to spreading health awareness and drug education in the Kingdom.
Provide free samples of registered preparations as much as possible and maintain them in accordance with the technical origins of storage.
Follow-up of the company’s products after registration and marketing and informing the authority of any observations regarding the quality and effectiveness of the product or the emergence of side effects or pharmaceutical errors after marketing during the specified period.
To support the presence of health workers in the scientific conferences.
Continue to update the leaflet and packaging of the registered product and make sure that its information matches what is approved by the Authority.
The Scientific Office establishes a Pharmacovigilance function and appoint a full-time Saudi pharmacist licensed to practice the profession to follow up and carry out its tasks in accordance with the guideline for the foundations of good practices of vigilance.
Providing FDA-approved risk reduction methods for pharmaceuticals and herbal products in all health facilities and pharmacies where pharmaceutical and herbal preparation is dispensed and sold and health practitioners support to apply them.


Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical, Accounting, Finance or Business.
5-7 years’ experience in Compliance and Risk Management.
Certifications in IFSA, CCA.
Experience in Pharmaceutical industry.

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