Commercial Manager Jobs in Riyadh at NuCorp

Title: Commercial Manager

Company: NuCorp

Location: Riyadh

Commercial managers are responsible for the budget and keep on top of all the costs involved in large-scale construction projects. They source the services and resources needed, negotiating costs with other suppliers. They oversee projects and monitor plans to ensure deadlines are met, projects stay within budget and work is up to standard.
Communication: Commercial Managers will often spend the majority of their workday communicating with others. Communication with project managers, vendors, contractors and business executives are all crucial to completing the project.
Project management: Commercial Managers are in charge of moving a project along from its initial bid to the final completion. Strong organizational and project management skills are important when managing multiple projects.
Leadership: Leadership skills will assist a Commercial Manager in developing relationships, managing contractors and creating bids for new projects. Managers need good leadership skills to sell the services of the organization in which they work.
Problem-solving: Because problems are not uncommon, Commercial Managers will also need strong problem-solving skills to identify a problem and take the necessary steps to overcome it, while keeping vendor and financial limitations in mind.
As a commercial manager, you will be responsible for looking after projects and managing a team.
The job role of a commercial manager includes the following duties:

Taking responsibility for the financial management of projects
Recognising business opportunities
Putting together bids to win new business
Negotiating and agreeing on contracts
Strategically expanding, preserving or improving company procedures, standards or policies
Adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Job Type: Full-time

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