Commercial Director – Digital Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Informa

Title: Commercial Director – Digital

Company: Informa

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Marketing/PR, Management

Position: Commercial Director – Digital and Live Events

Job Summary/Responsibilities

Identify and foster relationships with the world’s leading tech companies, creating multi-year deals and partnerships:

Identify the most incredible companies around the world to partner with the technology portfolio events through exciting and unique proposals covering physical and digital products

Be bold and creative with bespoke deals that directly link to the client’s needs, think outside the box to create ideas that may not be offered at traditional event companies

Create a culture amongst your team where they can come to you for guidance on how to create such proposals and secure deals

Create a long-term digital strategy that can develop overtime into a stand-alone revenue stream

Identify opportunities for non-event revenue streams, this can include webinars, newsletters, social strategies, emails, podcasts, video interviews and other online initiatives

Understand the value of these opportunities and understand how to pitch the value and report the success to clients

You will need to be forward thinking in your strategy and the overall ambition will be to create a strong digital offering that can be monetised

Ensure your sales team are fully supported with all the knowledge needed to be able to effectively sell digital inventory to some of the largest tech companies in the world

Be innovative when it comes to digital initiatives and hunt out opportunities to grow our digital business

You will focus on nurturing existing relationships as well as new partner acquisition, pipeline development and updating sales force.

You will create amazing relationships with your clients ensuring they are happy, well looked after and delighted to be part of our events.

As the Commercial Director you will lead the way when it comes to sales reporting, ensuring you follow best practise and this should be adopted by your team

You will report to the Portfolio Director and give insights on the team’s performance, using statistical analysis from Sales Force.

Ensuring the team achieve commercial success and reach revenue targetsfor physical events and digital products

As the commercial director you must lead the way! Make sure the sales team are happy, motivated and have all the tools and support they need to do business development and close deals

You will encourage a positive team, where they work and support each other to close deals. You will ensure that the team are as comfortable selling space and sponsorship, as they are digital inventory

Creating an approachable sales team culture where mistakes are tolerated, and there is a feeling of team spirit!

Qualities needed for the role

You will be ambitious, motivated and capable of creating comradery amongst a multinational team.

Ability to create a happy sales team where people feel enfranchised in the decision making of the events, they work on

Ensure the sales team feel there is potential to grow in the business, that there is a bright and visible future for them working for Informa.

Create a culture where all views are valued, and people feel unafraid to contribute to discussion with ideas. Prove to them that the best ideas are adopted and delivered.

Create a culture where celebration, reward and recognition is prevalent

Qualities needed for culture fit

You will be tremendously generous wi…


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