Bar Manager Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Marriott International, Inc

Title: Bar Manager

Company: Marriott International, Inc

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Hospitality/Catering, Restaurant/Food Service

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
JOBSUMMARY    Responsible for bar/loungedaily shift operations and supervision of staff. Position assistswith promoting the lounge, menu planning, maintains standards,assists servers on the floor during peak periods and managesproperty liquor inventories and controls. Strives to ensure guestand employee satisfaction while maintaining the operating budget.

Accountable for enforcing all legal obligations professionally andconsistently. Determines training needed to accomplish goals, thenimplements plan. Strengthens the food and beverage/culinary team byassisting in other outlets when needed.

EducationandExperience  Highschool diploma or GED; 4 years experience in the food and beverage,culinary, or related professional area. ee from anaccredited university in Food Service Management, Hotel andRestaurant Management, Hospitality, Business Administration, orrelated major; 2 years experience in the food and beverage,culinary, or related professional area.

Bar/Lounge Operations Implements agreed upon beverage policy and proceduresthroughout the property.  Manages in compliance with all local, state and Federalbeverage and liquor laws.  Understands beverage control including days on hand,perpetual inventory, bar pars, portion control, costs controls,beverage potentials, mix of sales analysis for beverage, issue& returns, food standards, and period endinventory.
Monitorsadherence to all liquor control policies and procedures.  Attends pre- and post-conventionmeetings as needed to understand group needs  Comprehends budgets, operating statements andpayroll progress reports as needed to assist in the financialmanagement of department.  Participates in the management of department’scontrollable expenses to achieve or exceed budgetedgoals.
Manages toachieve or exceed budgeted goals.  Ensures compliance with all Bar/Lounge policies,standards and procedures.  Maintains food handling and sanitationstandards.
Managesinventories according to budget and business levels.  Assists with developing menus andpromotions as necessary.
Leading Bar/Lounge

Team  Trains staff onliquor control policies and procedures.  Supervises staffing levels to ensure thatguest service, operational needs and financial objectives aremet.
Ensures employeesunderstand expectations and parameters.  Communicates critical information to theBar/Lounge staff regarding each event.
Ensuring Exceptional Customer

Service  Providesexcellent customer service.  Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on productquality and service levels.  Responds effectively to guest problems andcomplaints.
Empowersemployees to provide excellent customer service.  Emphasizes guest satisfactionduring all departmental meetings and focuses on continuousimprovement.
Providesfeedback to individuals in an effort to improve serviceperformance.
Reviewscomment cards and guest satisfaction results withemployees.
Managing Human

Resource Activities Supports a departmental orientation program for employeesto receive the appropriate new hire training to successfullyperform their job.  Participates in the development and implementation ofcorrective action plans.


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