AVP Credit Control & Monitoring Jobs in Dubai at Emirates Islamic

Title: AVP Credit Control & Monitoring

Company: Emirates Islamic

Location: Dubai

Unit Purpose:

To provide a comprehensive & effective Risk-Control and Credit-Policy framework for the Bank.

To ensure a robust control & monitoring environment within the business.

Job Purpose :

To monitor credit risk in Wholesale and Commercial banking and Wealth Management portfolios.

Manage Internal Audit and External Audit Matters with Credit.

Optimize Credit Portfolio.

Execute Risk Review of the Credit Approvals on sample basis for quality assurance.

Manage TAT for Credit Approvals and implement ideas to improve efficiency.

Review & Recommend on Covenants & Documentation matters.

Maintain and circulate Credit MIS involving Covenants, EAR and CMF forums.

Implement enhancements in FA templates in line with ENBD .

Provide inputs to provisioning and early alert accounts.

Ensure all CMF and EAR forums are conducted as per policy requirements.

Job Responsibilities:

To execute projects related to Risk

On-going improvement of all internal reports, tasks, assignments, control systems, etc to develop constant improvement culture.

To get guidance from all ongoing system upgrades & improvements going at group level to implement them in EI.

To issue various Credit policy & process related circulars and systems enhancements.

To monitor WB & CMB & WM PORTFOLIO through CMFs, Early Alerts, Standard Portfolio Document.

Compliance to covenants and report non-compliance to BCMF.

Management of Provisions/ Budget / Writebacks

Monitor and manage all ratios within Risk Appetites/ Management Triggers

ECL Runs/ IFRS Runs / Model Development

BRF Reporting to Central Bank

Management Reports (Credit Portfolio Pack, EXCO Pack, GRC Pack, IFRS Pack, QRR Pack)

Manage Rating Agencues : Fitch and Moodys

ICAAP Exercise

A. Portfolio Management Function

Ensure timely submission of MIS/regulatory reports & other information to Central Bank, External Rating agencies, other agencies.

Credit Portfolio Analysis covering different risk aspects like Concentration, Sectoral distribution, Rating & collateral distribution for internal purpose

Macro level Study of delinquent accounts.

Information to External Auditors in credit risk related areas.

Implement rating and workflow solution.

Review and Validation of IFRS 9 models.

Renegotiated and Restructured Reports

Supervise Computation of Expected Credit Loss for IFRS 9 on timely basis and address requirements of Auditors in this regard

Support for credit risk Basel II Foundation IRB implementation/ Basel III requirements

Review and provide summary for all credit requests and present to approving authority

UAT testing for all Credit/ Risk systems.

To provide back up to Wealth Management

Download Monthly data for Credit Monitoring Forum through SharePoint on Limit Expiry, Property Valuations, Documentation, Past dues, Excess Over Limit etc.

Prepare Reports & documents for Early Alert Committee.

Prepare minutes of meetings.

B. Credit Risk Policy Function

Setting Country risk limits as per policy framework.

Credit Documentation related issues.

Review of Wholesale credit products & Standardise Documentation & update MIS

C. Remedial Management Function

Maximize recovery of NPA

Monitor & Prevent accretion of NPA

Review Remedial Accounts (wholesale) and propose suitable action.

Implement approved strategy

Ensure compliance of requirements of CBUAE/External Auditors

D. Risk Containment Function.

Review to ensure all delinquent accounts are addressed.

Ensure accounts are placed in applicable grades o…

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