Assistant Manager/Manager – Fraud Risk Assessment Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Ernst & Young

Title: Assistant Manager/Manager – Fraud Risk Assessment

Company: Ernst & Young

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management

Your key responsibilities – As a Fraud riskconsultant, you will need to manage and provide an oversite onfraud risk management assignments using data extraction, dataanalytics and management reporting.

– Identify potential fraudscenarios and evaluate the occurrence and process put in place tomitigate the fraud risk.

– Assist clients to set up anti-fraudunits through designing the governance and developing the requiredpolicies and procedures and building the structure of the unit.

-Collaborate with the client's operational risk managementteam to comprehend, develop and perform key risk indicatorsreporting.

– You will assist in managing the financial aspects ofengagements by organizing staffing, tracking fees and communicatingissues to project leaders.

– You will also establish, maintain andstrengthen internal and external relationships.

– You'llactively contribute to improving operational efficiency on projectsand internal initiatives and will consistently drive projects tocompletion, determining that the work is of highquality


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