Adjustor Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Otis

Title: Adjustor

Company: Otis

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Skilled Labor/Trades

Otis L.L.C, 37th floor, The One Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Core Responsibilities


Ensures that the safety checklist before startup is completed and all points are checked before initiating job at the client site.

Assess the guide shoes/rollers and performs the cleaning, lubrication and testing of the over speed governor.

Checks the static balancing of the units, correcting over balance in the counterweights and adjusting final limits. (Adjusts the counterweight shoes or piston pulley bolts in case of hydraulic lifts)

Adjusts and lubricates the Safety Action Mechanism and tests it according to the defined procedures.

Installs door skates, adjusts doors and sets door locks after driving the product through inspection mode and stopping at every landing and checking all bolts and fasteners for correct tightness.

Inspects all rope clips, rope and traveling cable anchorages to ensure that the breaking of any SAFETY device contact stops the operation of the lift.

Performs unit safety check by travelling the car top through the shaft checking interference between moving parts, cabin, counterweight or any other piece of equipment.

Checks all electrical operation of unit including car door, buttons and intercom.

Escalates concerns at job sites to the Supervisor including filling out the NCR, process infractions and safety issues.

Sets all contact parameters in the controller and puts the lift in normal operation.

Adjusts the acceleration and deceleration and ride quality as per OTIS recommended standards in manual.

Tests the escalator by removing the comb at both ends plates and hand, winds the motor for one complete cycle of travel to ensure there are no obstructions that might damage the steps or handrails.

Performs all the checks listed in the factory checklist post unit installation.

Prepares the new installation inspection report, field test data report, safety check report and Otis safety audit.


Defines performance goals at the start of the year in discussion with the reporting manager and ensures that the goals are achieved during the course of the year.

Identifies the training and development requirements for self and agrees on them with the reporting manager to ensure that the required trainings are arranged and attended.

Strives to achieve the highest levels of proficiency on all the competencies and skills required to perform the role.

Keeps abreast of professional developments, new techniques and current issues through continued education and professional growth.


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